4 Simple Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas Factors

Rainbow became beautiful when they consist of various color, that’s the concept of Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas where the beauty of the room when it consists of various colors. This idea fits with kids’ dream and imagination, where no black or white inside, but tons of color which make their world colorful. Also kids world are without limit, they can do anything and archive everything, and they didn’t limit their movement. This colorful possibilities is the theme of the bedroom, and here’s how we will design it.

Why Using Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas?

As a room with full of imagination and possibilities, Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas is the way to brighten the kids world. And as a parent, it’s our duty do guide them to follow their colorful dream by designing a comfortable and suitable room where they can maintain their dream and creativity. With so many Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas available, they are easily catch attention by it’s beauty. And this style can be an easiest mood booster for kids and parent, now what things that we should consider to archive it?

How To Apply Rainbow Themed Room Decor?

The first question of Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas is how to implement it into your kids bedroom? We find that the most simple way to archive it was by putting it into the color accents, and blend it into neutral color background. This trick will maximize the rainbow cheerful effect, and brightened it further more. A simple eye catching method that didn’t feel dominate the whole room, due to soft blend decoration accents color.

And you are not bricked with old classic rounded 7 color rainbow, you can apply the colors in the bedroom wall with mini stickers with various shape glued into the wall. Yes, neutral colored walls as we have said above. Now to maximize the rainbow theme even more, here are the decorations that you can use.

1. Rainbow Bed Blanked

As a main character in the bedroom bed can use the neutral plus rainbow method above, to apply this Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas into the bed is so simple, just use a neutral color bedcover such as white or pale gray with a rainbow-colored blanket to confirms the rainbow theme. With rainbow colored walls, combine with rainbow theme bed, it’s define the rainbow precisely.

2. Rainbow Colored Drawers

The second part to archive the rainbow themed bedroom is applying a rainbow colored drawers, why drawers? The answer is simple, kids will always use the drawer as their part of teaching to organize their things. By adding the rainbow color into it, the kids will find it more attractive and it’s important to create an attractive atmosphere for the kids room.

3. Rainbow Themes Wall Decors

As the third part of our Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas, is adding a wall decor with the rainbow theme. It can be paintings that your kids made, colorful alphabet and numbers, or wall decors that you can purchase anywhere. Make sure to use a simple wall decor for the purpose of balancing the room colors, and not dominate the neutral ones too much.

4. Rainbow Wallpaper Or Accessories

The idea is to further more confirm the rainbow theme in the bed room, you can pick wallpaper or various accessories such as small pillows, lamp table, or lego displayed figures. Choose one of them, if you put them both, it will ruins the room balance due to too many rainbow in the room.


The conclusion of Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas is simple, balance is the answer. Even though rainbow is full of color, and you find is beautiful to applied, using too much rainbow things in the room will ruin your work, so balance the rainbow and neutral colored environment is the answer.

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